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Monday, December 26, 2011

New Year Greetings from Every Co.,LTD

Happy New Year!!!

We wish you strong health and fortune in your business. Be with us in coming year.  Climb higher and rich to the top with us.
Feliz Ano ~Nuevo
S Novim Godom
Akimashite Omedetto Gozaimasu
Bonne Annee
Kul 'am wa antum bikhair
Shine onii mend 
                                                      EVERY Co.,LTD  (baatar@everycar.jp)


  1. Wow i like your website and aslo like your cars. Its a very good cars from the japans. I will buy this car and you can also buy this cars.

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  2. Wish you all a Merry and Happy New Year 2012. Let this new year bring you all great joy and harmony in your life for your future. Wonderful & happy New Year greetings and wishes of the season…

  3. Olon ulsiin helnii undur medlgetei hun bichsen bna. Thanks