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Thursday, April 26, 2012

GOLDEN WEEK is coming!!

Hi, this is Hina. We will have long holidays from tomorrow through May 6th (though May 1st and 2nd are business days). This long holidays is called the Golden Week.
The Golden Week in this year is a continuity of 4 national holidays, 2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays. Some people go back to meet their parents' home, other people travel to overseas, just wile away the time, and the like.

I'm gonna go to shopping with my friends, go to camp, and do gardening. Oops I have to read books for my study,too. I'll be so busy.

The only one thing what I feel blue is about after Golden Week. There are no national holidays in June!!


Business Trip to Mongolia

 Hello everyone. It is me Erdenee
I am going to go Mongolia by business trip in 28th of April. Main purpose of this trip is to deepen our relationship between our old customers that are being served for a long time and new customers and also to exchange business opinions to each other about how to cooperate profitably.

So, whoever that wants to start car business, obviously, you can contact me following phone number.

Tel: 976-99991595
E-Mail: evjapanerdene@gmail.com

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sample of new EVERY logo

We are making new EVERY logo now. These two picture is sample of logo. I hope we can show you nice and cool new logo soon. If you have any suggestion, please let us know. Thanks


Monday, April 23, 2012


Hi, This is Shibuya.
I went to "Ultraman Museum" last weekend.

Ultraman is an Alien to come to protect the earth from invader or monster.
He usually lives as an Human named Hayata but transforms himself into Ultraman
when something happens.
He is enoumous and 40 meter tall.  

It's a TV program when I was a child. I was impressed with his strength and braveness.
He is like a Japanese Superman.



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yuki went on her honeymoon to Hawaii

Hello,this is Shizuka ,it is a rainy day in Niigata city.

One of our staff ,Yuki went on her honeymoon to Hawaii last week.
She got little sunburn ,seem she had a very good time in Hawaii ,and gave us yummy chocolate for a souvenir so later I will have it with coffee.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clearance Sale !!!!!!

Hi , this is Watabe.

Now , japan is spring season.  This season's Cherry Bloosom is so beatuful !!
I start the spring clearance sale !!
Please check all sale stock !!!
If you order,  I can send them so very law price !!!

Thank you so much.

Yuichiro Watabe


 Stock No.  Vehicle Details Chassis # Year KM
 06021354E sale  Nissan SERENA V  TNC24-400304  2004/04  167,000
 06051716E sale  Toyota Duet V  M100A-069906  2002/10  83,000
 06052016E sale  Toyota TOWNACE NOAH Super Extra  SR50-0048620  1998/06  157,000
 06141307E sale  Toyota LITEACE NOAH EXURB  SR50-0049799  1998/06  136,000
 06152110E sale  Nissan SERENA V-G  TC24-121102  2002/05  143,000
 06171431E sale  Toyota TOWNACE NOAH   SR50-0008181  1997/01  221,627
 06211227E sale  Toyota Hiace Wagon Super Custom  KZH100-0037717  1999/01  204,612
 06230622E sale  Nissan BLUEBIRD SYLPHY 15I G-PACKAGE  FG10-103917  2002/04  112,000
 07040957E sale  Toyota Noah X In Dar es salaam Stock !!!  AZR60-0146662  2002/11  203,090
 07041011E sale  Mazda PROCEED   UF66M-102178  1993  160,491
 07051525E sale  Honda FIT   GD1-1912674  2004/01  243,000
 07051615E sale  Nissan TERRANO SE R3m-R  PR50-031925  1996/12  141,616
 07051820E sale  Toyota RAV4 J  SXA10-0019337  1994/07  164,500
 07121421E sale  Toyota Progres NC250  JCG10-0028202  2000/05  97,601
 07261341E sale  Toyota COROLLA SPACIO X-G ED  ZZE122-3034980  2002/04  134,980
 07261748E sale  Toyota WILL CYPHA   NCP70-0005688  2002/11  105,860
 07281335E sale  Subaru Legacy B4 TWIN TURBO  BE5-102408  2001/12  186,385
 08021111E sale  Toyota Progres   JCG10-0057761  2002/12  239,340
 08051343E sale  Toyota TOWNACE NOAH Royal Lounge  SR50-0006056  1996/12  172,039
 08191324E sale  Nissan X-TRAIL   NT30-001708  2000  214,241
 08221025E sale  Toyota VOXY X-G  AZR65-0034295  2002/07  189,556
 09021512E sale  Honda FIT A  GD1-1159055  2002/04  164,905
 09021602E sale  Nissan MARCH 14C FOUR  BNK12-000548  2002/09  127,383
 09071820E sale  Honda FIT W  GD1-1110842  2002/02  92,600
 09071924E sale  Honda FIT W  GD1-1229047  2002/08  225,000

Monday, April 16, 2012

EVERY co.ltd Best Seller Cars TOP 5

Hi, this is Hina. Today I'm gonna introduce the TOP 5 of the most poplar stocks last year. And I studied origins of their names also.

トヨタ カローラ No.1  TOYOTA COROLLA
That means "Flower" in English, especially petals assembly of a flower.

ホンダ フィット No.2  HONDA FIT
Developers wished the vehicle would fit for every lives of every users and named it "FIT".

トヨタ ハイエースワゴン No.3  TOYOTA HIACE
A coined word of "High" for High-Class and "Ace" that means aristocrat of all vehicles.

マツダ デミオ No.4  MAZDA DEMIO
It is a coined word from "...of mine" in Spanish. Developers imagined the vehicle that users think out each original use and enjoy this vehicle.

日産 マーチ No.5  NISSAN MARCH
That means "Marching music" in English. Developers gave a jaunty and youthful impression.

It's very fun to study their origin of vehicle names.
 Hello this is Erdenee.
 Today in Japan, very nice day is coming that is sunshining and warm.
You know that we have just moved into new office. This time we decided to change our logo. Therefore we would be very glad if you make a contribution to us that giving new idea and design for new logo. We hope that you will send us many incredible ideas.  
For our customers, we always aim to serve a fresh new service with new energy and new goal.

Thank you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

We are the champions

Listen, I am going to tell you a big news. Recently, my co-worker Mr.Erdene won the trophy "The champion of billiard Niigata prefecture" The tournament was among non professionals. Once I tried to play with him billiard, he seems like  played with me just like with the baby,so he must be played in real tournament like real player. Actually I am not so familiar with billiard games, so I don't know what kind of game he played in this tournament. Ask him directly.
Another big news is, Mr.Erdene is single. And we are waiting his shooting to someone. (of course I mean not gun and billiard shooting, you understand what I mean) But this Someone must be nice and smart girl. Sorry, what I wrote, I made a mistake, this is suppose to be not news, this is should be announcement. Look his photo, he looks cool guy, isn't it? He must be very strong not only billiard...
So, we have now one champion and we must sing "We are the champions" of Queen. Ask him about billiard, maybe not only.....

By Baatar

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My favorite MLB player

Hi, This is Shibuya

Today, I'd like to introduce my favorite baseball player.
His name is Ichiro, playing in Seattle Mariners for 12 years.
He is a fantastic player for batting and also defense.
People call him "Hitting Machine"  and his batting style "Samurai Style"
as you see the photo below.

When I was in Seattle, I went to stadium named Safeco Field everyday.
I hope to go to USA and watch MLB someday!!


Kazuki Shibuya

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hello,this is Shizuka ,it is a rainy day in Niigata city.

Today I want to tell you about Takada castle cherry blossom viewing.
Takada castle cherry blossom viewing ,one of the three major nocturnal cherry blossom-viewing events in Japan.

Venue : Takada Park
Date : Until Sunday 22 April
Bombori lanterns lighting and 

Sakura Road illuminations: Until 23:00
Cost : Free (within the park)
Takada Castle Three-Tiered Turret: General Cost 200yen


Hi, I introduce you our Carrier car today. It is NISSAN DIESEL ATLAS 3.5 ton 4,600cc diesel. It can carry 3 cars at once. This car is rare and help our business very much. If you are interested in this type of car, I will find the one from the auction for you.


Monday, April 9, 2012

☆Spring Clearance Sale☆

Hello everyone, this is me, Erdenee.
From this month we have a big sale for old cars that have been in our stock for 3 or more months.
Especially, we announced the biggest sale for customers of Mongolia and some another countries, who buy 4-5 cars, in another words one container car which were made in 2002 and 2003 year.
If you want to interest about this sale, please visit following link.
              ※Spring Clearance Sale※


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday to Baatar & Yamazaki !!!!

Hi this is Watabe.

How is Easter ?

31th March , Our two staff's Birthday !!

Mr Baatar is Mongolian Staff.  He is very strong man and very Fun.

Mr Yamazaki is Mechanical service staff.  He is so gentle and rely on.

We wish that this year will be happy to them !!

Happy Birthday !!!

Yuichiro Watabe

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Crazy about Dance Dance Revolution!!

Hi, this is Hina. I went to a game center yesterday night. I often go there after I finished work. Now I'm really absorbed in the dance game machine, Dance Dance Revolution. You will step on 4 allows to music. Very simple, right? But some heavy players can dance complicated fast music that almost people can't track their dazzling steps.

I will go to play it tonight, too...Yahaaaa!!

Here is the movie of some heavy player. (Not me!)



Hi, This is today's my lunch "Italian". Italian is local famous first food in Niigata. We glow up with Italian. It is like western-style source fried noodle. Please try it when you come to Niigata.


Monday, April 2, 2012

☆good season for cycling☆


This is Shibuya.

I bought a bike rcently.  Spring season has come
and it's good for cycling.
I was in short of exercise and I wish I could loose weight shortly!!


Kazuki Shibuya

Cherry Blossom and NewsPaper in Tanzania

Title : Cherry Blossom and NewsPaper in Tanzania

Hi , this is Watabe.
How are you today ?

Japan is spring season now.  The cherry blossoms will bloom soon in my town.
Its very very beautiful !!!

All staff of EVERY CO LTD will go to viewing of the many blossoms.

And last friday , EVERY CO LTD was advertise to Newspaper in Tanzania.
We will advertise more and more to all of world !!!

Sincerely yours,

Yuichiro Watabe

Golden week ☆彡

Hello! This is Shizuka .
Pretty soon Golden Week will come.We have a long holiday from the end of April to the beginning of may that is called Golden week.In this year except  May 1 and 2 nd ,from April 28 to May 6 .

●April 29 is Showa Day, since 2007 
(Following the demise of the Emperor Showa on January 7, 1989, he ascended the throne.)
●April 30 is Compensatory rest day
●May 3 is Constitution Day
●May 4is Greenery Day
●May 5 is Children's Day