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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Profile of Niigata City

My name is Shizuka ,today I 'll introduce about out city .

The city of Niigata lies on about the same latitude as Tianjin, Lisbon and San Francisco. Located 250 km north-northwest of Tokyo, Niigata City is two hours away from the capital by bullet train on the Joetsu Shinkansen line. Niigata City has a population of 810,000 and an area of 726.1 km2. It also has a rich natural environment with many bodies of water, including the Sea of Japan, the Shinano River, the Agano River, lagoons and wetlands. The fertile fields of the vast Echigo Plain produce a multitude of rice-based products and agricultural produce in addition to making Niigata Japan's number one producer of tulips and various other flowers.
Niigata City's transportation infrastructure is equipped with an international airport and harbor, high-speed bullet train, and a network of highways. With both a sound commercial base and the largest area of rice-fields in all of Japan, Niigata city's unique characteristics and capabilities combine to make it a distinctly attractive city.
Please come to our city once.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Hello, everyone This is Erdenee.

 Yesterday was gaudy-day for us because our Mr Watabe's birthday. 
At office, we celebrated his birthday by making a little party for him. This year he is 15*2 years old.
Even he is just only this age, but he has talented, educated and very skillful leader. Every working day, every working hour even during party time we learn from him.
he is always smiling and also always makes us to smile. It give us very warm condition and energy.

So, saying to you, it isn't too late for congratulating to him for his birthday!

                              e-mail: y-watabe@everycar.jp

Today's Lunch "Yasaiitame"

Hi, This is Shibuya.

I'd like to introduce one my favorite food "Yasaiitame"
"Ysai" means vegetable in Japanese. Please look at the plate
in the top of right corner.
The ingredients are pork, onion, carot and cabbage and other
vegitable you like.
We fry all the ingredients with say sauce or salt.

You can cook it easily and the taste is good.
Please try!!


Kazuki Shibuya

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Stock in Dar es salaam

Hi, I introduce you my stock in Dar es salaam today. These all vehicles are shipped from Japan by our company. It has already pass the JAAI inspection in Japan. Some car is already changed to good for African market. If you like it, please check my stock in Dar es salaam. He is the contact person.

TEL: 0788474747 / 0766474747


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Snow World !!!

Hi , this is Watabe.

This photo is Joetsu city's photo.  There are many snow in Joetsu city every year and this city is most snow in the world.

But , the inhabitants of Joetsu city have a life as normal every year.

They are very strong !!!!

Please look this snow.  Very big snow wall.
Snow is danger , but snow is very beautiful.
Snow is Treasure of this city.

Sincerely yours,


Monday, February 20, 2012

Party for Mr Baatar

Mr Baatarbeel Choijin is sales staff of our company. He is Mongolian. So he made very good business with Mongolia. He decide to come back to Mongolia. We had party for him last Friday. We drank beer and Sake. He still work for our company in Mongolia. Please contact him, if you need any help. He is very nice guy. Thanks


EVERY Staffs' Collection!! Vol.1

Hi, this is Hina. It's chilly here today. You know we have several sales members in the Japanese Vehicle Department. Don't you wanna know what kind of cars people who sales cars love? I'm gonna upload their own cars here!!

Mr.Watabe's car / LEXUS LS460 SI Package
I have got into the car several times. I remember its very wide interior and calm driving. He goes to a party with this coolest car.

Mr.Suzuki's car / TOYOTA Land Cruiser VX Limited
Mr.Suzuki's car is the tallest of all cars in the parking. I can see his car from a distance. I wanna ride this car someday.

Mr.Shibuya's car / HONDA Odyssey ABSOLUTE
Mr.Shibuya admired this ABSOLUTE's face and bought this car. I was surprised that he drives this large vehicle so smoothly even in a narrow street.

Mr.Baatar's car / NISSAN Xtrail XTT
Mr.Baatar likes SUV and he chose this vehicle to use at his country. Actually he will go back to Mongolia very soon. This vehicle is waiting him at Mongolia.

Mr.Erdene's car / TOYOTA Mark X
Very cool, isn't it? He was looking for good sedan and it's perfect for him and his wallet(joke). He answered he likes its axle power especially.

Ms.Shizuka's car / Coming soon!!...I think.
She is going to a driving school to get her driving license now. Her favorite is Mercedes Smart. She said blue two-torn color is the best.

Hina's car / HONDA That's
Mine is one of HONDA mini-vehicles, but it's taller than my mom's 1300cc. I can't say it is "Mini-size". I really loves its blue eye-line.

Do you wanna get same vehicle? Do you want to know more? 
Please contact us!!

Thank you

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Special campaign "Sale snow"

Last few days heavy snows in Niigata city. I see such heavy snow falling first time in my life since I live here in Niigata city. So, now we are  two times busy compare with another season,  while doing desk work we do  snow removing almost everyday. If you see some photos around our company office taken just minutes ago, you will understand what I mean( the photos: city office workers removing snow using snow rotary remover, see the vanning machine which is standing front of our office) Come to help us removing snow.
 We can export not only cars also snow(joking), we going to special bargain "Sale snow", we can discount snow up to 95% , ok just take it  for a 0yen(also joking)
Snow seller -Snow man- Baatar

★My Customer in Botawana★

Hi, this is Shibuya

I got nice comment and family photo from one of my customers in Botswana.
His name is Doreen Serumula and we have been communicating for a long time.
He is very good customer.

If you want to see more customer's voice, please find the link.


Here's his comment.

Dear Shibuya
Thank you for been my loyal supplier for over the years
What I like is for you to buy cars of my choice 
even when you don't have in your stock
Thanks for your competetive prices
Please keep it up and I hope you will not change your GOOD service
Please note I have attached my family picture
Thank you EVERY.CO.LTD you have made me happy and my family too
In paticular I want to thank Shibuya and Watabe Keep it up

Yours Faithfully


Kazuki Shibuya

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I when to Tanga region with my customer before.

Oh, Tanga is so beautiful place and I guess there will be one of the biggest business town soon.

I visited old limestone (Amboni) caves.

The tour guide explained, Many many years ago, slaves used these caves to escape from their slave masters. They could go as far as Mombasa in Kenya... Several hundred kilometers underground!!


     Map of Africa !!

Eri from Tanzania office

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What is Viber?

Viber is an application for iPhone® and Android™ phones that lets you make free phone calls and send text messages to anyone who also has the application installed.

You can call or text any Viber user, anywhere in the world, for free. Viber integrates seamlessly with your existing address book, has great sound quality and once activated, does not require a PIN, username or any additional "in application" purchase. All Viber features are 100% FREE!
Soon to be available also for BlackBerry!        


The Niigata's flower, Tulip

Tulips are often associated with the Netherland.  But in Japan Niigata is the number one producer of cut tulips and number two producer of tulip bulbs. So in 1963 the tulip was declared the Niigata Prefectural flower.
Niigata Prefecture began producing tulip bulbs in the latter part of the Meiji era (1868-1912) and was the first area in Japan to commercially produce flower bulbs. Today, tulips are widely produced in the area thanks to the fertile land and weather favorable to their growth.   Every spring, people enjoy tulip festivals held in various locations.Specially Gosen city and  Niitsu are biggest tulip producers in Niigata prefecture. There are many tulip farms where you can visit and buy the best tulips in Japan. If you visit to Niigata in spring you can see colorful tulips and you will surprise of the beauties of Tulips
By Baatar.

善光寺 ---Zenkouji---

Last weekend , I went to japanese temple in Nagano prefecture.

The temple name is "善光寺(Zenkouji)".

Zenkouji is oldest temple in japan.  It was built 1400 years ago.

But this temple is very big and very beautiful.

Let's go to "Zenkouji" with me when you come in japan !!!!!

Sincerely yours,

Yuichiro Watabe

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi, I would like to introduce you "ANCHIYAKI" today. It is local traditional ceramic ware in Niigata since 1878. It is kind of MINGEI that is usually use every day, strong, but cool. I like it very much. It is all hand made. They have home page(only in Japanese).



Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Have you ever had Japanese food ?

Hi,this is Shizuka.
Today, I'll show you the recipe for yummy Japanese food ,SUKIYAKI.Many Japanese people love it ! 

・Thinly sliced beef     
・Shirataki ・Leeks 
(noodles made from konnyaku)
・Shiitake mushrooms    
・Enokitake mushrooms 
・Chinese cabbage  ・Grilled tofu 
・For sukiyaki souce 
(soy sauce ,sake ,sugar and water)
・For dipping :eggs

【How to cook】
1.Cut all ingredients into bite-sized pieces.
2.Arrange all ingredients on a large plate and place the plate at the table.
3. Mix soy sauce, sake, and water to make sukiyaki sauce.
4. Set an electric pan at the table. Everything is done at the table as you eat.
5. Heat a little oil in the pan. Fry some beef slices, then pour sukiyaki sauce in the pan.
    Add other ingredients when the sauce starts to boil. 
    Simmer until all gredients are softened. 
6.Dip the cooked sukiyaki into the raw, beaten eggs and begin to eat.
    As the liquid boils away, add more sukiyaki sauce.

Please try to cook it .


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heavy Snow in Niigata

Hi, This is Shibuya

We had incredible snow this week!!
All of my town is covered with snow and it causes traffic jam and accidents.
Many people are working hard to remove the heavy snow.

I wish I could live warm place without snow (>_<)


Kazuki Shibuya
!!! CAUTION !!!

To all our esteemed customers,

PLEASE note that the Japanese Embassy in Tanzania is advising the below advertisement..

We are more than glad to serve you faithfully and honestly always.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.