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Thursday, February 16, 2012

★My Customer in Botawana★

Hi, this is Shibuya

I got nice comment and family photo from one of my customers in Botswana.
His name is Doreen Serumula and we have been communicating for a long time.
He is very good customer.

If you want to see more customer's voice, please find the link.


Here's his comment.

Dear Shibuya
Thank you for been my loyal supplier for over the years
What I like is for you to buy cars of my choice 
even when you don't have in your stock
Thanks for your competetive prices
Please keep it up and I hope you will not change your GOOD service
Please note I have attached my family picture
Thank you EVERY.CO.LTD you have made me happy and my family too
In paticular I want to thank Shibuya and Watabe Keep it up

Yours Faithfully


Kazuki Shibuya

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