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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Japanese Female Team decided the Olympic

Hi, this is Shibuya.
I'm a fan of female volleyball.
There's a valleyball match against Serbia last weekend and our national female team
decided to join in the London Olympic !!

I'm sure they make us excited and get medal.
You can't miss it!


Kazuki Shibuya

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Do you know him?

Hi, We have around 400 vehicle in my stock now. If you can not find good vehicle from my stock, We also can find the vehicle from the auction and another company stock. Today I went to our friend company for buy my client order vehicle. Check the picture the man wear white T shirt, his name is Mr Takada. So he worked for EVERY before. He is working for another company now. He is fine. Please ask me if you are looking for any vehicle. I will find good one for you. Thanks


Monday, May 28, 2012

Hi,this is Shizuka.

Last weekend I went fishing and ,got over 30 Japanese horse mackerels.
I had SASHIMI of them for lunch and  marinated small of them for dinner.
They were very fresh,all dishes were very delicious.
It is getting warm so it became good season to fishing ! I'll try fishing bigger one next time.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

SASAGAWA-NAGARE is good location !

Hi , this is Watabe.

Yesterday , the weather of my city was so fine.
Therefore , I went to SASAGAWA-NAGARE.

SASAGAWA-NAGARE is very good location in my prefecture Niigata.
So we could see beautiful with mauntain.

I ride on the boat and it run with many seagull !
It was so Beautiful !!!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Change Your Car More Stylish with WHEEL COVERS!!

Hi, today's blogger is me, Hina. I was thinking what a good topic for today's post is. Then one of our mechanics talk to me that he put wheel covers for one of our stock. Then today's topic is wheel covers.

I think many people know wheel covers. They are called wheel  caps, also.

Their original uses are protecting wheels from rust, scratches, shocks,etc. But they are have been used for fashion, too. They are normally made by plastic, so you can change your car's wheels looks like alloy wheels with very low cost.

There are some wheel covers in Japan. Some vehicle have genuine wheel covers, but there are so many original designed items.

But I want you to pay attention about 1 thing once you put wheel covers. It is that original wheel covers (I mean not genuine parts for specific vehicle) are for "wide-uses".

You will choose your wheel covers with your wheel sizes for example 13 inch, 14inch, etc. But wheels' shape are different a little for each even their wheel size are same. So it is possible that some wheel covers can't fit perfectly for your vehicle though you chose correct inch size.

It is better to ask a shop staff whether you can try to put products before purchasing. And please check carefully their joints after you installed wheel covers. If their joints wouldn't fit completely, they may come off during driving.

I lost 2 of my wheel covers because of that.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

~A Special Lunch~

 Hello everyone, This is Erdenee.
Today's our lunch time was a special.
Because we had been divided into some groups that had 3 members and spoke about two topics during we have a lunch.
Those topics were about
- Why we chose EVERY Co.,Ltd
- Our dreams or plan about after 3 years
This idea was Shizuka’s because this month is his recreation turn.
Everybody was talking about their plan. Common dream and plan were about a marriage, want to live or travel in abroad etc…
That talking was very interesting but in finally, we hope that we all “EVERY’s family” will be together forever.


Monday, May 21, 2012

Drinking Battle for EVERY Co ltd versus Mongolian Team

Hi , this is Watabe.

Suzuki updated about this blog for 2 day ago  too.

Today ,  I want to explain about strong of Mongolian.

I tried for drinking battle to three Mongolian customers.  But they were strong.
Because they can drink beer endless !!

But ,,, they are weak for Japanese SAKE.....

I could won Japanese SAKE to versus Mongolian team !!!
( But beer battle was lose... )

To Mogolian Customers ;
Welcome to Niigata City.  I was so glad to see you.
And I will go to Mongolian soon.
And I want to drink and talk with you about future business with us.

Thank you very much for this time.

Sincerely yours,


Tokyo Skytree opened

Hi, This is Shibuya

Today, May.22nd is memorial day in Japan.
The tall communications tower named "Tokyo Skytree" has opened.

It is 634 meter tall and tallest tower all over the world.

I wish I could go there someday and see the beautiful scenery
although I'm not good at high place(>_<)


Kazuki Shibuya

Do you know Evernote?

Hi,this is Shizuka.I want to tell you about Evernote today.
Are you using Evernote already ? 
Evernote is the cloud application that makes it possible to store and search of information around you. You can store any kinds of information as your important emails, voice data, Webpage and paper information that you scanned from postcards or business cards in your own storage space on the Web. 
You can search data by the keyword with your computer in your office or at home, as well as your smart phone like iPhone,Experia,iPad anywhere and anytime.
The data is stored in the virtual space on the Web, so you don’t have to carry or move them between your computer and smart phone.This tool will bring a breakthrough innovation to your business life!

Customer from Mongolia!!!

Hi, We had welcome party for our Mongolian customer last Friday. They come to Japan last week and staying in Niigata. They are very nice guy and they have strong and big body. They are hard drinker! We had nice time with lot of alcohol. I hope they enjoy remaining stay in Niigata.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wow they are HIACE Parts!!

Hi, this is Hina. Thank you for send us inquiries about spare parts everyday.

Here are some of our parts stock that were found when we left our old office on March this year. I found some tail lights, mirrors, etc. Their vehicle information that they were installed on originally were lost. But I think they are for some model of Hiace... you know Hiace parts are really really rare.

I also found some other tail lights and corner lights, and BMW tail lights.

I'm gonna research their information soon. If you want them to repair your vehicle, please ask me anytime. You can contact me from here.

Monday, May 14, 2012

UNIQUE CARS in Tanzania


This is Eri from Tanzania office.
Here in Dar es salaam, the rainy season has started and it is raining heavily almost everyday.

Today I want to introduce unique cars I saw in Dar es salaam.


This car has a very cute Tire cover !!
This picture called TingaTinga; Tanzanian traditional art.
I don't know where I can get it however, I really want it !!


I love this !!
" HUMMER is my PAPA "

I will introduce more unique cars when I find them...:-)

Thank you,


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My favorite TV "Big Daddy"

Hi, This is Shibuya
We have popular TV program named "Big Daddy" in Japan

It's a kind of documentary on big family (parents, 5 boys and 9 girls)
The father Kiyoshi Hayashishita is called "Big Daddy". They live in small island named "Shoudoshima" in Japan.
They are not so rich but positive and corporative each other.

Please find the link and see the photos.



Kazuki Shibuya

Sponsor of Baseball Team in my city.

EVERY CO LTD is sponsor of Baseball Team in Niigata City.

The name of baseball team is "ALBIREX Baceball Club" !!!

Please look this team website because there is name of EVERY CO LTD in top page.

EVERY CO LTD cheer to ALBIREX BC team !!!

So if you come to my city Niigata , let's go to the game !!!

Sincerely yours,


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

☆Mountain vegetables☆

This is Shizuka.It is cloudy in Niigata city.

During long holiday I went to Tugawa which is north of Niigata to pick "SANSAI" ,mountain vegetables.We picked them a lots so I have to cook them and eat for dinner every day ....
I cooked Templa,boiled Sansai and dish dressed with sesame sauce already.They were very tasty. I have to think the recipe more for today's dinner.

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi, we came back to work. We have new carrier car now. This is ISUZU ELF450, 4750cc diesel. It is also can carry 3 cars at once however it is bigger and better condition than last one. Please give us lot of order. We work hard with this new carrier car.