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Friday, May 25, 2012

Change Your Car More Stylish with WHEEL COVERS!!

Hi, today's blogger is me, Hina. I was thinking what a good topic for today's post is. Then one of our mechanics talk to me that he put wheel covers for one of our stock. Then today's topic is wheel covers.

I think many people know wheel covers. They are called wheel  caps, also.

Their original uses are protecting wheels from rust, scratches, shocks,etc. But they are have been used for fashion, too. They are normally made by plastic, so you can change your car's wheels looks like alloy wheels with very low cost.

There are some wheel covers in Japan. Some vehicle have genuine wheel covers, but there are so many original designed items.

But I want you to pay attention about 1 thing once you put wheel covers. It is that original wheel covers (I mean not genuine parts for specific vehicle) are for "wide-uses".

You will choose your wheel covers with your wheel sizes for example 13 inch, 14inch, etc. But wheels' shape are different a little for each even their wheel size are same. So it is possible that some wheel covers can't fit perfectly for your vehicle though you chose correct inch size.

It is better to ask a shop staff whether you can try to put products before purchasing. And please check carefully their joints after you installed wheel covers. If their joints wouldn't fit completely, they may come off during driving.

I lost 2 of my wheel covers because of that.



  1. These are some great wheel covers but it's important to know your wheel size and what would work best for your vehicle before you make your purchase.

  2. Currently, folks are not merely taking a look at acquiring car accessories that can increase their auto’s overall performance and also efficiency, they also have grow to be a lot specific in terms of choosing car accessories that will grow their auto’s look and feel.

  3. Wow.. I love those cover collections are really amazing... they're really cool... thanks for sharing

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