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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Live Auction, EVERY in Mongolia.

Dear customers, It's been a while since i've updated my blog. Starting from the last july, we've worked more closely with our Mongolian customers, as a result new branch is opened in Mongolia. Please visit to our office in Mongolia, find out more about how to buy cars from Japan and get an opportunity to buy high quiality cars with cheap price by participating japanese live auction。

Mongolia Branch

Address: Bayangol district, 8-r Khoroo Narnii zam, 8-1,
TM Center-402 toot,
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: 976-99991595, 91119153


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Lotus Festival

Hi, there.
Last Sunday, I went to the park where the festival of Lotus was held.
As you can see, there were lots of Lotus and they were really beautiful.

I really enjoyed it, but I felt sorry a bit because it was too hot to be outside.
I hope you're having a lovely summer holiday.

Thank you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fireworks festival

Hi, How are you doing.

The fireworks show was held in Niigata on last Sunday.
 I went to thsi festival wearing my Yukata (Summer Kimono).

This photo was taken at our office.
(filmed by Ikeda)

In August, the most of the firewoeks festival was held in this season.
When you visit Japan, please see it in summer time.


Monday, August 6, 2012

Hand Made Africa Continent Map

Hi, this is Hinako. Today was a rainy & thunder day after a long time without.

I & Ms.Shizuka had been making a map of African countries. Then today finally it was done. Looks very good & colorful, isn't it?

Each countries have painted with colored pencils & countries' name are written in Japanese on them. Please find your country name in Japanese.


Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hi, We have very nice 2004 NISSAN X-TRAIL in our stock now.

This car has very cool alloy wheels, good music system, fake leather seat.
It is NT30 4WD car.

This car has original Nissan alloy wheels, fake leather seat.
It is T30 2WD car.

The boss car is really good condition. I recommend it very much. Please contact us if you want purchase it. Thanks


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic in London

Hi, this is Shibuya
As you know, London Olympic has started last weekend.

Everyone all of the wold is excited and enjoying the games.
I'm especially interted in woman's vallyball and woman's football.
I hope they win the gold medal!!

Kazuki Shibuya

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hi,this is Shizuka.
In Japan we have long holiday soon.
Also our company will close from August 11 to 16.
We will be back to work from 17 th.

In this holiday ,I'm going to stay in Malasia and Singapore.
Both country, first time to go there for me.
I am thinking to visit to World Heritage ,go to beach and to do parasailing.
I can not wait ! !

Friday, July 27, 2012

Japanese Pro Baseball !!!

I went to watch the professional baceball game for japan league.

This stadium is in our city "Niigata".

We were so fun for this game because we could see many professional baseball player.
The ball is so speedy , the batter is so strong !!

Next time , I will go to professional soccer game.
The stadium is near of this "HARD OFF ECO STADIUM".

The Niigata CITY has these two big stadium !!

Let's go to the stadium with us when you come to our city !!

Sincerely yours,

Yuichiro Watabe

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

a beautiful sunset

Hi, I would like to show you a picture which I took the other day.
It's a really beautiful sunset, isn't it.

Niigata city has a strong relationship with the Sea of Japan because the city faces to the Sea.
If you come to Niigata, you can see this wonderful scene.

Thank you,

Nice Pictures.

Hello Everyone,

This is Eri from Tanzania office.

Today, I introduce some pictures which I took in Tanzania.

↓ This is funny... " SUZUKI Parking ONLY "

But, MITSUBISHI car was parked there confidently...

 ↓ Can you see the message on this car?
 I like this message " ASANTE JAPAN "

It means " Thank you Japan " in Swahili; Tanzanian local language. 

I hope you enjoy Japanese cars in your country !!

Thank you.

Original Item

Hi, Finaly we created a stickers and flag use with new logo.

Flag is big size, about 180cm.
It's displayed at our Japan yard and Tanzania branch office.

And stickers putted all of stock vehicle.
Please check rear of it.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Trip to Disastered Area

 Hi, This is Shibuya.

I was on trip to Miyagi prefecture and Iwate prefecture last weekend.
These place got affected from huge earthquake last year on March.11th.

Although it passed over one year, the situation is still terrible.
All the building was flashed away by tsunami and just the framwaorks were left.
Please find the photo of the mount of garbage.
There are many people living in prefab house.

I hope these places recover from the disaster soon.

Kazuki Shibuya

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Hi, We have very nice pick up in our new stock. Please check the photo. This is not TOYOTA HILUX, NISSAN DATSUN. This is ISUZU FASTER. It is 2,200cc Diesel MT good condition. This car is very hard to find in Japan. Probably in your country too. The FOB price is much lower than TOYOTA HILUX. It is good car if you are looking for pick up. If you are interested in this vehicle, please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks


Friday, July 13, 2012

Next Monday is The SEA DAY

Hi, this is Hina. Now I'm really excited because I'm going to trip tonight!! I can't wait any more...

Guess what the reason why I decide this week end for my trip is next Monday is one of the national holiday. So we will have 3 consecutive holidays from tomorrow through Monday. This is only one chance in this summer because there are no national holidays in June & August (Actually we have long holidays in August but this is for Lantern Festival...I can't go trip).

The national holiday in July is called The SEA DAY. This day was originally the day to thank for sea because the sea & natural resources from there are very important for Japanese.

I'll go to Pacific Ocean side of Japan on that day. See you Japan Ocean, hello Pacific Ocean!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The day of the ox in midsummer is coming soon !

Hi,this is Shizuka.It is hot and rainy in Niigata city.
Japanese have a traditional way of beating the summer heat ,eating a dish of grilled eel.
 In fact, we have set aside a day on the old calendar to do just that.
And this year, that day is July 27 th Friday .This year eel is expensive but it sales will be running hot.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One of the world

Hi , this is Watabe.
How are you today ?

Last week , I got this present from my staff.
This is so beautiful glass of the earth.

Our business is so world wide business.

But I think ,
"World is the one"
There is no border , there is no discrimination.
All of customers are my best friends !!

We will send "Dream" and "Happiness" in your car !!

Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours,

Tel:81-25-211-3260 Fax:81-25-211-3264
Skype name : yuichiro.watabe

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hi, This is Yuki.

I have been to Hawaii to travel on a honeymoon in April.

I went to "Hanauma Bay" protected in natural protection law.

The next wants to travel abroad in families.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Be Healthy

All EVERY's staffs get a health check every year,
and it took place end of June this year.

I got my medical certificate the other day.
I can say I'm healthy, I think, although I've got some advice...
I need to be careful about anemia.

Some of our staff get nervous when they get a check, and sometimes feel sick.
However it's a good opportunity to think about your body and health.

Take care yourself, and get some exercise.
Otherwise you will get older and older!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Do you know "Tanabata"?

Hi, This is Hitomi.

July 7th is the day of "Tanabata" in Japan.

The day is the only time when a pair of lovers can see each other, stars separated by the Milky Way.

Tanabata festivals held throughout the country.

On this day, many people write their wishes on paper and hang them from bamboo branches.

What kind of wishes do you wanna write?
I hope that... I have many wishes I can't choose one!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Let's Go To Travel Japan!

Hi, this is Hina. South Japan seems got heavy rain yesterday. I watched many houses were flooded on TV though North Japan (including our Niigata) is very hot sunny days these days...

Actually I'm planning to go travel some prefectures that are located South of Niigata this month. I'm gonna go to Tokyo, Aichi, and Shizuoka. I guess you know Tokyo. Aichi & Shizuoka are almost middle of Japan. They 3 prefectures look toward the Pacific Ocean. I hope it will be beautiful sunny days during my trip!!

This is famous lake in Shizuoka, HAMANAKO. You can see Mount Fuji from there if weather is clear.

This is the symbol of Aichi, NAGOYA CASTLE. The load of Nagoya had lived in there long time ago.

And this is the Highest tower in the world, SKY TREE in Tokyo!! I'm wondering if I can see it because I will drop in Tokyo for just transit...


Monday, July 2, 2012


Hi, Finally we made the our new logo. I spend almost two month to make it. How is that? We will change all logo to new one soon. We hope our customer like it. Thanks


Sunday, July 1, 2012

YOGA !!!

Hi,this is Shizuka.It is cloudy.

On Sunday morning I did yoga from 6 am was first time for me.
Yoga was born in India and wisdom of life is to lead toward a better mind and body.
We did yoga at the park ,there was nice wind, the feeling was very good.
I am thinking to start to learn yoga.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Good Season for Beer

Hi, this is Shibuya

The  rainy season has almost been over and  It's very hot every day in Japan.
On hot day, everyone wants to have a drink for beer!!
It heals our thirsty well and makes me feeling good.

I'm sure I have a lot of beer this summer.

Kazuki Shibuya

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Speed Order System of EVERY CO LTD

Hi , this is WATABE. 
How are you today ?

I start the new order system.
The name is "Speed Order System of EVERY CO LTD" !!

If you are looking for any car , please let me know your hope details.

CC etc...:

I can find good one for one day !!!
And I can ship the order till 2 weeks after you order !!!


This business is very simple.
Below is flow.

  1)I find good car
  2)I send Proforma invoice
  3)Your Payment


Please confirm and please reply.

Sincerely yours,


Guss What !

This is Shizuka.Finally I god drivers license last week !! 
In Japan when we want drivers license, we have to go to a driving school. And we have to take some severe examination.If could pass those examination we can get drivers license.
I have to lot of practice a lot every weekend .  

Monday, June 25, 2012

Amazing Custom Cars!!

Hi, this is Hina. some customers have remodeled their cars with coil over suspensions, aero parts, LED lights,etc. But there are many unbelievable cars in the world !! Surely they can't pass the inspection in Japan if their height, width, length have been changed.

Umm...I sometimes find cars like that. But I'm wondering how much did owners pay for remodeling?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Classic car

 Hello again.
Last week I went to Northern culture museum with my friends and one of them was owner of this car. I had chance to see and ride this beautiful Classic car.
This is 1937years model MG made in UK. I never see such old vehicle with such good condition. I was happy to set inside and go around Niigata. Of course I did not drive it,but I enjoyed to see it. Surprised that running condition of this car was very good, even it is 73 years old.
I wouldn't say name of owner,because I heard this model is only one in Japan, hope  not too many in the world.Maybe the price of this vehicle must be very expensive.
If you have old classic cars around you,let us know.
Please send photo and some info about that. To see and search classic cars is my hobby. Just to see,because I can't own such  expensive things. But I have dream to have one with not so big price.

By Baatar

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NEW STOCK from the auction!

Hi, I went the local auction today. I bought 7 unit today. See this KLUGER and COROLLA. It is very nice car. We check all vehicle condition before bit the auction. Also we check the condition  again after get the auction. So our stock from the auction must be good condition. We are waiting your inquiry and order. Thanks


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

★My Favorite Bar★

Hi, This is Shibuya.

Last weekend, I went out for drink with my friends.
We were in the bar named "The Local" .The owner is from New Zealand
The day was 4 year anniversary and all food was for free and
all we needed is just beer.
We enjoyed the party!


Kazuki Shibuya