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Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hi, We have very nice 2004 NISSAN X-TRAIL in our stock now.

This car has very cool alloy wheels, good music system, fake leather seat.
It is NT30 4WD car.

This car has original Nissan alloy wheels, fake leather seat.
It is T30 2WD car.

The boss car is really good condition. I recommend it very much. Please contact us if you want purchase it. Thanks



  1. Nissan has flooded the Indian car market by launching cars in all segments.Out of all the segments Xtrail was its first car launched which is a terrific SUV.It has given a tough competition to the other SUV makers.
    Nissan has laid some unique features in its cars.

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  3. There are a lot of people that trust Nissan as Japanese cars. Although, X-trail is already a older version, I know it still perform well. It’s great that it 4wd, for sure its spacious great for family outing!

  4. Japanese cars are so expensive and it has a good quality of engine

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  6. It's depend in which car are you interested and what are the dollar rate in your country not every japanese car is expensive.

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