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Monday, February 20, 2012

EVERY Staffs' Collection!! Vol.1

Hi, this is Hina. It's chilly here today. You know we have several sales members in the Japanese Vehicle Department. Don't you wanna know what kind of cars people who sales cars love? I'm gonna upload their own cars here!!

Mr.Watabe's car / LEXUS LS460 SI Package
I have got into the car several times. I remember its very wide interior and calm driving. He goes to a party with this coolest car.

Mr.Suzuki's car / TOYOTA Land Cruiser VX Limited
Mr.Suzuki's car is the tallest of all cars in the parking. I can see his car from a distance. I wanna ride this car someday.

Mr.Shibuya's car / HONDA Odyssey ABSOLUTE
Mr.Shibuya admired this ABSOLUTE's face and bought this car. I was surprised that he drives this large vehicle so smoothly even in a narrow street.

Mr.Baatar's car / NISSAN Xtrail XTT
Mr.Baatar likes SUV and he chose this vehicle to use at his country. Actually he will go back to Mongolia very soon. This vehicle is waiting him at Mongolia.

Mr.Erdene's car / TOYOTA Mark X
Very cool, isn't it? He was looking for good sedan and it's perfect for him and his wallet(joke). He answered he likes its axle power especially.

Ms.Shizuka's car / Coming soon!!...I think.
She is going to a driving school to get her driving license now. Her favorite is Mercedes Smart. She said blue two-torn color is the best.

Hina's car / HONDA That's
Mine is one of HONDA mini-vehicles, but it's taller than my mom's 1300cc. I can't say it is "Mini-size". I really loves its blue eye-line.

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