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Monday, April 16, 2012

EVERY co.ltd Best Seller Cars TOP 5

Hi, this is Hina. Today I'm gonna introduce the TOP 5 of the most poplar stocks last year. And I studied origins of their names also.

トヨタ カローラ No.1  TOYOTA COROLLA
That means "Flower" in English, especially petals assembly of a flower.

ホンダ フィット No.2  HONDA FIT
Developers wished the vehicle would fit for every lives of every users and named it "FIT".

トヨタ ハイエースワゴン No.3  TOYOTA HIACE
A coined word of "High" for High-Class and "Ace" that means aristocrat of all vehicles.

マツダ デミオ No.4  MAZDA DEMIO
It is a coined word from "...of mine" in Spanish. Developers imagined the vehicle that users think out each original use and enjoy this vehicle.

日産 マーチ No.5  NISSAN MARCH
That means "Marching music" in English. Developers gave a jaunty and youthful impression.

It's very fun to study their origin of vehicle names.

1 comment:

  1. It is fun to discover how those names came to be created. You kinda become more curious what other car names out there have some interesting meaning. Anyway, I observed that most of those included in the list are subcompact ones. It seems like your clients are more interested in fuel-efficient cars, right?