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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The nature of Niigata (Niigata's Swan lake)

As you know I am writing serials under grand title Niigata brand. This time I am going to introduce Niigata's some nature beauties. Niigata prefercture is located north east of Japan and has four season. We have lots of snows in winter, beautiful sakura trees in spring, colorful mountains in autumn, open rice fields etc. Now winter has come. At the moment  temperature is  around +10 degree in day time,but getting colder day by day,maybe we will soon have snows and expecting to enjoy snow ball fighting. Even it is snowing in Niigata most colder temperature will be -4 degree,so we having not ice cold winter. That is way many migratory birds flu from Siberia spending winter season in Japan. One of the most famous place where swan's like to enjoy they winter shelter is Lake Hyoko in Niigata. Every year thousands of swans fly from Siberia in this lake. Lake Hyoko surrounding naturally beautiful mountain and old aged  trees. I would say Hyoko is one of the best tourist spot in Niigata. Every year I visit there with my family and watching opal white beauties and taking photos and playing snow games. After new year I am wishing to go there,will take nice picture. Come to Niigata on winter, make a good winter memory with us.

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