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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The nature of Niigata (Yamakoshi village)

Hello again,
Today I’ll introduce naturally one of the best place in Niigata preferture-Yamakoshi village. Former Yamakoshi village,now it merged with Nagaoka city which located Chuetsu area of Niigata prefecture.
 I like Yamakoshi so much, because before I used to live and work in this beautiful place, than I loved it is nature and people. There is forest mountains ,mountain rivers, flowers and many strange plants,which I never see. Mountain ponds where villagers breeding fish makes natural view more beautiful.  In other hand whole nature points in Yamakoshi. Yamakoshi is nationally  famous village because of it is home town of Nishiki koi read my story “swimming jewels”, bull fighting events. Yamakoshi became more popular after Chuetsu Earthquake 2004,because it was epicenter of Chuetsu earthquake and almost whole nature and buildings roads were damaged,than within a 2 year all recovered and Yamakoshi became one of the symbol of after earthquake renovation.
Please just enjoy seeing the photos of Yamakoshi, you will understand how it is nice place and you will wish to visit there. Of course I will guide you.
Ex Yamakoshi villager Baatar
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