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Thursday, March 1, 2012

EVERY Staffs' Collection!! Vol.2

Hi, today's blogger is Hina. You know I introduced our sales members' own  cars. Then it is Volume 2. They are our mechanics and supplier.

Mr.Ikeda's car/ Mitsubishi Chariot Grandis
He is our stockyard manager and is our mechanic also. His custom Grandis has black colored head lights and black wheels. Very cool isn't it?

Mr.Yamazaki's car/ TOYOTA Cersior
He is another mechanic of EVERY. Actually he lives in the nearest  our office, but he drives this car to here even it is just less than 1km!! He really loves his Cersior, that's why.

Mr.Saito's car/ TOYOTA Wish
I think some of you know him and be friends on Facebook.. He decided his own car with a car name. Then he liked the sound of "Wish" and its meaning and bought it.

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