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Saturday, August 6, 2011

☆彡 ★Happy birthday Ayumi ★ ☆彡

Dear Sir and madam,

Today, I will introduce to you a staff of ours, Ayumi.  

Recently, we had a birthday party in our office for her!

She is in charge of shipping and works as a sales assistant.  

She is very gentle and nice when talking to our customers.  She is a typical Japanese Lady,  ''Yamatonadeshiko'' .  

She cleans up the kitchen, takes the trash out, and does all the chores that others prefer not to do.

We all appreciate her help!!  

P.S. She can speak English fluently.

Please contact her if you have questions. 


Every Co., Ltd

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  1. What a Nice picture! Happy birthday, Ayumi! (Alex Novitskiy)