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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome Party!!

On the night of July 14.
We had a welcome party for our friend!

The friend name is Mr. Khurelbaatar come from Mongolia.
It's first time to visit Japan for him.

We went to the "Izakaya", eating some Japanese foods and drinking Japanese "Sake".
But as for as food, he is not generally good at from raw fish.
Mongolian is less common in eat raw fish and raw meat.
It was quite surprising to me.

Then, He introduced himself.
He is very clever and gentle and positive and real Japanophile.
When I heard about Mongolia, I was fascinated and the atmosphere in the country sounded good.
I began to dream of going to Mongolia someday.

I hope we can continue our good business relationship.
Come and visit us again sometime.


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  1. Its what to say that when we get some body who matches with us or our community we feel so warm,and its that.