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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nagaoka Fireworks festival!!!

Hi? This is Erdenee.

I had been studying in Nagaoka city for 4 years. During this memorial long time, I participated and celebrated many holidays, festivals and events. From these events, one was attracted my soul very much. This is Nagaoka fireworks festival.
Just before World War II ending, on August 1, 1945 Nagaoka city was attacked by American forces and unbelievable awful casualties was sustained for people and for city. But despite that hard calamity, they struggled for their future to honor those who sacrificed their lives with the hope and desire to never become such a war again. Thus, every year, on August this festival is held for the world peace, for the memorial of people that was died in that war untimely and for the reconstruction of Nagaoka city. 
The festival contains folk dance
 procession, portable shrine parade and fireworks displays. This is held around Shinano-river, the longest river in Japan. The fireworks include about hundred fireworks containing "Sanjaku-dama" fireworks, a large warhead 90 cm in diameter and weighing 300kg fills the sky with a huge burst 650meters in diameter. Whole people who live in Nagaoka city, moreover so many people come to this city from other cities for watching this exciting and amazing festival that is so many fireworks burst to fill the summer night sky.
Anytime, if you come to Japan on business trip, espesially in Niigata, this festival will be the one of the firstly recommended events from me. 

Thank you.

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