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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Designated driver Baaska

Dear Sir and Madam

How are you??

This week let us introduce our important business partner Baaska.

He is originally from Mongolia, however, his work place is in Niigata City Japan. So he has been living here in Niigata for 5 years.

He exports used tyres to Mongolia from Japan.

He has a cute six-month old baby.

He can speak fluent Japanese and English, also but his mother language is Mongolian.

His  Dream is to get 60's Mustang. So he works hard everyday.

By the  way,  he doesn't drink alcohol so much so he helps us as a Designated driver  after drinking parties.

Recently, he is on a diet because it is really difficult to get just size cloths.

I don't think he needs to be on a diet.

What do you think??


Manabu From Sales team

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