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Friday, February 4, 2011

Twitter" gaining in popularity in JAPAN

Among the many Internet-based services, there is no doubt that "Twitter" is one of the hottest.
Twitter is the name of a social networking service (SNS).
You can register for a free account to have your own page,
on which you postvery short messages, or "tweet." If you "follow" someone else's account,
then that person's tweets will be shown on your page.
You can also communicate with others by replying to their tweets.

Since then, Twitter has continued to gain in popularity.
Now some actors, comedians, musicians,
cartoonists, and even politicians are posting their tweets.
Being able to communicate directly with those celebrities is of course another exciting aspect of Twitter.
Also, major companies are now beginning to tweet,
and news agencies are making the most of Twitter to inform people of updates on their news websites. It seems that there will be more and more variety coming to the way people use Twitter.


  1. Yes I am agree these days "twitter" is a very good method for social media marketing and become more popular with in one years. It's a high profiled social networking website.

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