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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We are the world by Mongolian students

Last week I have been in Mongolia by business. When I was in Mongolia I did't have much time to watch TV, once at night I watched Mongolian TV show Best Universe Songs.The competition among non professional singers mainly students who sings foreign songs,in English, French, Korean, Japanese etc. I really did not knew such show in Mongolia but when I watched it first time was really enjoyed and proud of foreign language knowledge of Mongolian new generation.
All competitors was so nice, some of them was so funny. Please find in Youtube some of Unverse Best Songs. One is We are the world singing by all competitors, another is funny guy singing Japanese Pop song Linda. Enjoy watching.

Universe Best Songs - We Are the World

Bayasgalan - Linda Linda by The Blue Hearts (Mongolian Idol)

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  1. wow i'm from mongolia. i'm very happy :)