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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hot springs of Niigata

Natural hot springs (onsen) are numerous and highly popular across Japan. An onsen in the   is a term for Hot springsJapanese. Onsen comes from volcanic regions. So Japan has many volcanic places, dead volcanoes.
There are many types of hot springs, distinguished by the minerals dissolved in the water. Different minerals provide different health benefits, and all hot springs are supposed to have a relaxing effect on your body and mind. Onsen water is believed to have healing powers derived from its mineral contents.
Japanese people believe that a good soak in proper onsen heals aches, pains and diseases, and visit onsen to treat the illnesses, such as arthralgia, chronic skin diseases, diabetes, constipation, menstrual disorders and so on. Every region of the Japan has its share of hot springs and resort towns, which come with them.
Iwamuro onsen

Myoko onsen

Senami onsen

Tsukioka onsen

Yahiko onsen
 Niigata prefecture is nationally famous it is onsens. In Niigata we have many type of onsens, in beach area or in top of mountain,everywhere. You can go and relax many in onsens where you can be fresh your mind and became medically healthy. Our company members,even me non Japanese guy like to go onsen,stay there weekends,drink a beer and swim in onsen bath. So, everybody from our company can guide you and take you nice onsen resorts. Please see some pictures of popular onsens in Niigata. As you see all onsens are very beautiful and all have different mineral contents. You should choose one and come to relax in Rotenburo(open bath)maybe you can treat some your health problems.

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