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Monday, November 21, 2011

☆☆Jun Saito☆☆ Part 2

Dear Sir and madam,

Today, I will introduce to you a staff of ours, Jun.

Recently, we had a birthday party in our office for him!

He is in charge of domestic market department.  Also, he takes some photos of the car for our website, and take them to inspection so it can be exported.

He is the event leader of our company. He makes plans for parties, sports events, and trips. He always selects good locations, restaurants and so on.

He cleans up the all rooms in our office every morning, takes the trash out, and does all the chores that others prefer not to do.

He comes in the earliest and is the last one to leave the office.

We all appreciate his help!!

p.s. He is single and available!


He is on a diet. Please don't give him sweets such as cake and candy!!!!


Manabu from Sales team

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