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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Niigata brand-Koshihikari rice (part 2)

As you know Japanese main dish is rice.Niigata prefecture is biggest rice producer in Japan. Most tested brand rice  in Japan is Koshihikari,. Koshihikari’s home town is Niigata. Koshihikari is high quality white short grain rice. Before I coming to Japan I did not know real test of rice, now I can make a little differences between many types of rice, so for me Koshihikari is best brand rice in the world. Of course Koshihikari is nationally famous for its crop of delicious. The secret of Koshihikari is the pure water from melted snow and pure water from mountains
Often called sushi rice, koshihikari is a short grain rice produced by the milling of specially cultivated koshihikari paddies. The flavour is slightly sweet and the grain has an off-white colour. Commonly used for making sushi, the texture of this type of rice is soft, and the glycaemic index is relatively low in comparison to other varieties of rice, as Koshihikari rice has a high amount of resistant starch meaning it's broken down slowly in the body raising blood sugar levels slowly.
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