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Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome to Niigata

I have live in Japan over 10years and all the time living in Niigata, it is seems like my second home place. Here in Niigata people are very friendly, most friendly of them work at our company, the girls are very beautiful, most beautiful of them of course from Every. Nature is very nice here, you can go hot springs, ski resorts and you can enjoy in Niigata all season, if it is summer you can swim in Japanese sea, there are many nice beaches. Most things what I like is Food, food is delicious. Niigata is home town of Koshi Hikari brand rice.
Sushi and Sashimi are very fresh here in Niigata. Any way please visit to Niigata and don't forget see us.
For more information about Niigata prefecture please visit:
Looking forward to see you in Niigata, I can be your tour guide. Next time I will introduce some more things what you can find in Niigata.
Mail me if you need my help: baatar@everycar.jp

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